Why does it hurt to have sex now after several times?

Answer You might have gotten a slight tear in your vagina. If it were just your hymen it wouldn't hurt that much or continue bleeding after a week. Or you could also have sore muscles since you weren't us... Read More »

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Can my girlfriend get pregnant after having unprotected sex several times?

ok so me and my girlfriend been dating for a year and 1 month, we been having unprotected sex since we were 3months together, im 17 years old and she's 16, we had unprotected sex on Dec. 21, after ... Read More »

Why does my microwave oven keep blowing it's fuses. I have replaced them several times and afte a?

If you are saying you have replaced your fuses I am assuming you are talking about the quick blow fuses in the incoming leg of 110 voltage inside the unit. The 2 most common reasons for repeated bl... Read More »

What kind of socks do you buy if you don't want it to get fuzzy after washing and drying several times?

your probably buying the cheap generic socks.(ex: starter, hanes etc)I used to have this problem and to fix it I bought better quality nike socks and they are very soft and don't get fuzzy.

Unprotected sex several times just after a woman has finished her period whats the chances of pregnancy?