Why does it hurt to have sex now after several times?

Answer You might have gotten a slight tear in your vagina. If it were just your hymen it wouldn't hurt that much or continue bleeding after a week. Or you could also have sore muscles since you weren't us... Read More »

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I am about 3-4 weeks pregnant and ive done cocain about 3 times if i never do it again will it still hurt my baby?

Answer The damage may have already been done. During pregnancy it is always advisable to avoid smoking and alchohol, too, as those could all affect the fetus as it is growing.

Will it hurt the baby if you got drunk a few times before you knew you were pregnant?

You some times over heat and then sometimes it doesnt happen for weeks can a water pump going out some times and work others?

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We had unprotected sex twice and both times i did not finish inside of her she swallowed it both times. could she be pregnant?

no. you definitely cannot get pregnant that way. the only way you can get pregnant, or get someone pregnant is by "finishing inside of her" as you put it.