Why does it hurt so much....?

Answer hi cupcake,i know what you mean,it brings tears to my eyes every time and im jumping around like a mad woman and one of my children ask me something and i cant answer for ages.oh the pain.x.

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How much does a new cut hurt?

It depends entirely up to the individual person's pain tolerance AND where the cut is located.I would say a cut like you are describing would cause excruciating pain and the person would be practic... Read More »

How much does a new scar hurt?

First of, scars have no pain at all(they sometimes even lose the nerves, causing them to lose all feeling period). Now as for a cut that would cause a scar like that, it would probably be ranked at... Read More »

Why does my head hurt so much :(?

The best way to permanently cure headache/ migraine is to take homeopathic treatment. ConMed gives only temporarily relief, but homeopathy cures it permanently. Go to the link below for further inf... Read More »

Why does it hurt so much more.....?

It has to do with the way that your hand (in this case, but, if it was another body part, similiar results would be seen--however, the palm of your hand has ALOT of nerves) is more rigid when it is... Read More »