Does putting salt on a wound help it heal?

Answer no, but it would burn like hell -try it

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Does Salt help wound heal quicker?

Salt, in and of itself, does not speed up healing. Salt will dry out the wound and help keep it clean by absorbing fluids. Once the wound is dry, the body can work more efficiently. If you have ... Read More »

Putting salt in a wound - is it good or bad for you Apparantly it .. prevents infection but isn't it bad?

It does clean the wound, medics use a saline solution to cleanse wounds.It was also found during the treatment of WW II fighter pilots suffering burns , that those who were rescued from the English... Read More »

Got hurt. the wound, not very deep, has closed. just a scab. do i need to worry about infection?

You do not need to worry, Once a scar turns into a scab this means that the scar is healthy and slowly healing at its own pace.Just don't think about it, after a couple of days you will not need to... Read More »

How Does Using Salt to Melt Ice on Roads Hurt the Environment?

Snowy roads and icy bridges are the bane of drivers in the winter. Driving in those conditions is a perilous undertaking. Cities have fought this problem by de-icing roads so that most cars can mov... Read More »