Does anyone else get this way & why does it happen?

Answer I know a girl that has a peculiar allergic reaction to alcohol. She doesn't drink at all because it's to painful. Look up alcohol allergic reaction. I think it's quite rare.Hope this helps and good... Read More »

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How does a shipwreck happen?

It is a boat that has crashed and been abandoned. It eventually erodes and becomes a shipwreck

Why Does this happen to my toe?

You broke your toe. Tape it to the neighbor toe for two-three weeks and it will heal.

Why does Autism happen?

Autism is a disorder involving an extra chromosome no one knows why this happens

Why does this happen?

the sensory cells i your retina..your rods and cones are not dispersed evenly in your eye. Some are concentrated more centrally and some more peripherally. Your eye can see some things better in ce... Read More »