Why does it feel soo good when i stick things in my ear :3?

Answer OMG!! DO not stck things in your ear!! You know how people say that you could get hearing loss? Yeah okay well that can happen but what could happen and is MUCH MUCH worse than a little hearing los... Read More »

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Things that feel good?

can't you get a joint? their $5 each. pratically any household items can kill you, the best way is weed.

Why does my pussy get soaking wet and why does it feel good when i rub it?

ok since you are 13 im surprised you don't know what it means by now, but its wet because you are horny (turned on sexually). And that "stuff" is you having an orgasm.

Why do I feel things crawling on me when there's nothing there?

I would see your doctor.It could be a nerve problem,or it could just be that you are thinking too much about it and it is psychosomatic(all in your head).Either way I would discuss it with a Dr.

When drinking, what things or tips can I do to don't feel "drunk" too soon?

water in between helps sometimes. but it's mainly just filling up your stomach so that you feel full faster, and thus can't drink as fast/much.eating also really helps. If you snack at the same tim... Read More »