Why does it cost so much for college books?

Answer Going to college is an expensive proposition: between tuition and housing fees, it can be hard to cover your costs. Recently, the price of college books has been on the rise, adding yet another cos... Read More »

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How much do books and supplies cost for college?

According to the 2008 College Board Trends in College Pricing, the average cost of both textbooks and supplies for public four-year colleges was $1077. What with the cost of tuition, room, and boar... Read More »

How much does apollo college cost?

The cost of attending Apollo College varies depending on the type of program you wish to enroll in. For example, tuition for the Dental Assisting program starts at around $12,000 (plus roughly $385... Read More »

How much does barber college cost?

The cost for barber school ranges from $4,545 up to $8,600 or more. However, schooling costs may be much less if you receive a loan or a Pell Grant. Keep in mind, you may also have certain licensin... Read More »

How much does it cost to go to college out of state?

A college education is one of the biggest expenses you will ever incur. If you choose to attend a college outside of your home state, this expense can be even greater.In-State TuitionThe cost of in... Read More »