Why does it burn your nose sometimes when you burp?

Answer Hi,I bet it happens most often after you drink soda or something cold. The nose, throat, mouth, sinuses are all mucus membranes, which are very sensitive. They are all connected, especially the mou... Read More »

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Sometimes my ears and nose bleed when I'm bringing my Piper in for a landing, should I be worried?

You are descending too fast my friend. If the Son of Man himself was coming down from the clouds at too rapid a rate of descent I suspect he'd be bleeding all over his beard and robe as well!

Do you sometimes stick your nose into where it's not wanted?

*coughs coughs coughs coughs coughs* Oooo! I say.....*gags chokes* Nasty business bbbbrrrrrr!

I have low water pressure and my faucets sometimes burp air but no sediment. Is it my pump or my well?

You sound like you need a new pressure tank. The ugly galvanized thing beside where your water pump is.

When your pregnant does your vagina burn and itch when you urine?

It sounds like you could have a UTI or yeast infection. Both are very common in pregnancy. Just call your Dr and tell them what is happening.