Why does it burn your hand when you put salt then ice on it?

Answer Your friend had frostbite. What happens is the salt lowers the freezing point of water that allows the water to pull more energy out of the ice, that is the water is colder then freezing, that allo... Read More »

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Can a burn from salt and ice give a 3rd degree burn?

Actually, the ice can burn to 3rd degree. Especially easily done with one of those ice packs or gel ice packs attached to the injury with nothing between that and skin. It happened to a nurse I kno... Read More »

Help !!! i burn my hand?

Hold it under cold running water for several min to stop tissue damage, then wrap it in a dry sterile dressing. Apply ice as needed to reduce swelling. Dont use ointments, the oil in the ointments ... Read More »

Something to put on a burn on my hand..?

If you'd like it to STOP hurting then go to the pharmacy and buy some sterile dressings and HYDROGEL. This is almost all water (in a gel form) that also contains Tea Tree Oil. This will stop the pa... Read More »

What do you do if you burn your hand?

There's a little more information needed to give you the "right" answer.Is your burn just red, with no bumps or blisters?If so, this is a first degree burn or superficial burn. These are best trea... Read More »