Why does it burn your hand when you put salt then ice on it?

Answer Your friend had frostbite. What happens is the salt lowers the freezing point of water that allows the water to pull more energy out of the ice, that is the water is colder then freezing, that allo... Read More »

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What is the first thing you do when you burn your hand?

Since I normally burn myself in the kitchen, I go immediately to the sink and run cold water over my hand; it is important to lower the temperature of the skin as quickly as possible. Once some of ... Read More »

Why does my hand burn when I put it under water?

That is because your hand was cold from the freezer. The warm water increased the blood flow so it felt like it was on fire.

What is the best thing to use when u burn your hand with a frying pan?

I worked at a regional Burn Center Hospital... Come on RNs -- NO ICE!From: the burn immediately with cool water to reduce the skin temperature and st... Read More »

When your pregnant does your vagina burn and itch when you urine?

It sounds like you could have a UTI or yeast infection. Both are very common in pregnancy. Just call your Dr and tell them what is happening.