Why does it bleed so much when you slice your thumb while cutting leeks?

Answer Hon, why do you think they call them "leeks"?

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Is making your tongue bleed "cutting"?

While haveing sex the first time do you bleed on the spot like right away while your haveing sexual intercourse. Will it mess up the bedsheets with your blood?

When people ask and ask questions does it make your ears bleed?

ohhhh, sheeeet buddy ...... that Regwah is so flaming cheeky and b*loody funny too mate ...... that's actually what i do when my husband is nagging me ........... the fingers in my ears thing ........ Read More »

What does it mean when you bleed from your bottom?

it's piles and it's very painful, i have been through it, go to the doctor ASAP otherwise the blood flow will increase and so will your painP.S: One gets piles by either eating alot of red meat, or... Read More »