Why does indian food smell really bad!?

Answer Well, Indian cuisine are fond of using herbs that some people may not like it or ever smells before just like some cheese which also has their haters.As for body odour, it can happens to all races ... Read More »

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Does durian really smell that bad How does it smell to you?

In my opinion, durian does not smell as bad in the fruit but it really smell awful when someone ate the durian then BURP. The smell is unbearable and I am sure all the other answerers will agree wi... Read More »

Does Indian food lower cholesterol?

Indian food can help lower cholesterol when certain spices are used. Curry leaf, a common spice in Indian food, is reported in the 2006 issue of the "American Journal of Chinese Medicine" to signif... Read More »

Why and how does Indian food [those awesome spices] make one feel SO good after eating it?

Yes dude, you are right. The spices which are being used in Indian food does have a medicinal effect. I am a professional Indian chef. so, I think i knew few things for fact. For Ex : Turmeric is a... Read More »

Does anyone know how to make the chickpea breading used for Indian food, or the red or green dipping sauces?

Regarding the chickpea breading for whole spinach leaves, it sounds like a version of spinach pakoras (or bhajis) made with whole spinach leaves instead of chopped.The chickpea breading is actually... Read More »