Why does human skin wrinkle in water?

Answer Fingers and toes wrinkle after long-term exposure to water. Oddly, other parts of the body generally do not display this strange ability.SebumSebum, a natural human skin oil, is responsible for pro... Read More »

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Why Does Skin Wrinkle in Water?

You have soaked in a tub or pool for an extended period of time and notice the skin on your hands looks less smooth and more prune-like than when you first got in. The biology behind how the skin w... Read More »

Why Does Skin Wrinkle When Wet?

When you have been soaking in the bath, shower, or swimming pool for a long time, your skin may resemble a shrunken and shriveled raisin, but the opposite reaction has actually taken place to what ... Read More »

How to get a wrinkle free skin?

There are so many anti-aging products to use ,and with technology, there are some many stuff toc hose from. The best anti-aging products come directly from the food we eat. I had bad skin from the ... Read More »

What is the best way to keep our skin wrinkle free?