Dose warm water freeze faster than cool water?

Answer No.

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Does sugar water freeze faster than salt water?

That would depend upon the concentrations of these solutions, but yes, sugar is a less effective anti-freeze than salt is.

Can cold water freeze faster than hot water?

Cold water usually freezes faster than hot water. Sometimes hot water can freeze faster than cold in a phenomenon known as the Mpemba effect, though there is no consensus on why this effect occurs.... Read More »

Does water freeze faster in aluminum or in glass?

Aluminum has a much higher rate of heat conductivity than glass, thus it will allow heat energy to escape at a much faster rate. Once enough heat is lost, the water will freeze.Source:Engineering T... Read More »

Does hot or cold freeze faster?

Hot water can freeze faster than cold water, although certain conditions such as exact water temperature and impurity levels in the tested water can greatly change the outcome. This effect, called ... Read More »