Why does helium make your voice change?

Answer Helium moves faster than the normal air we use in speaking or singing, causing the voice to sound different than usual when helium passes through it. Exhaled helium will result in a distinctive squ... Read More »

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How to Change Your Voice Pitch?

Many people wonder whether their conversational tone of voice is too high or too low - each person's vocal pitch is different. It is impossible to change your natural tone of voice - there are ways... Read More »

How to Change Your Voice on YouTube?

With the advent of do-it-yourself home video sites like YouTube, it has become possible for anyone with an Internet connection to upload videos and be seen by thousands, if not millions of viewers.... Read More »

Can you change your voice on the iPhone?

If you search in the Apple App store under voice changers there are voice changers apps if you wanted to make prank calls.

How to Change Your Voice Early?

Abnormally low- or high-pitched voices can indicate a physical problem, and require consultation with a doctor. If you don't have a medical problem and your natural voice is higher or lower than yo... Read More »