Why does my heart hurt so much help please?

Answer Mary my doctor did a ultra sound on my heart. He said everything is fine it is just anxiety. I also learned that heart pain can be associated with gallbladder, stress, acid reflax, muscles and much... Read More »

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Did Paris Jackson speaking break your heart as much as it did mine?

Yes, I was fine until she spoke then I started bawling. Some people seems to forget that MJ is someones daddy. I could feel her pain.

Why does it hurt so bad( Broken Heart) :((?

Aww it's okay. I understand. And crying is a good thing (:And it's also a good thing you didn't keep quiet and bottle up your feelings, cause that's not going to get you anywhere. Try hanging out w... Read More »

Does it hurt when you break your finger?

sometimes it can hurt but if it doesn't hurt than you were lucky because your finger might have been numbed somehow. But it usually hurts but sometimes it only hurts a little bit but only if your l... Read More »

Why does my heart hurt sometimes when it beats?

This could be if you like to eat lots of junk food your making your heart work harder and do you get this pain after You have done exercises. Your heart rate does more than just tell you how fast y... Read More »