Why does hand sanitizer sting when you put it on a cut?

Answer Hand sanitizer has several chemicals in it including alcohol. That is why it stung the open cut on your hand.

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What happens when you put hand-sanitizer in a cut?

Besides stinging, it will clean out the "good" and "bad" germs/bacteria out of it. It's probably not safe to use hand-sanitizer for your cut. It's best to use rubbing/cleansing alcohol, the cut w... Read More »

Does hand sanitizer cure pimples?

No but skunk feces is what works for me. I'm SERIOUS I have no idea why! I was walking along staring at my pimple in a mirror and I tripped and landed in this gross stuff by a dead skunk D:But th... Read More »

Why does soap and hand sanitizer only kill 99.99% of germs, why not 100%?

Because it'd be a huge claim to have killed 100% of the germs. It may sound stupid but they may be challenged or sued for not having killed all of the germs. 99.99% is the closest they can get to 1... Read More »

For people who know what they are talking about, does Hand Sanitizer really kill all germs?

Nothing kills everything completely. Many test have been done and washing with soap and warm water proved more effective. It is best to rub on your hands before and after touching something.