Why does green light keep flashing on Kenmore dishwasher?

Answer The vacuum cleaner uses suction to pick things up off the ground

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How to Fix a Flashing Clean Light on a Kenmore Dishwasher?

When the "Clean" light on your Kenmore dishwasher begins flashing on and off, it signals that something is amiss (water is not hot enough, water amount is too low, suds or foam were detected and so... Read More »

Why is the sanitized light flashing on your gu2500 whirlpool dishwasher?

The waste goes to the sewar. From there it is sent to places where the treat it using three steps. Then they send most of it back to be reused in toilets and sprinklers. For more, go too google and... Read More »

Sharp lc-32sb24u 32 in lcd tv problems green light is flashing how do you fix?

I had the same problem with a brand new 52 in sharp aquos right out of box. Sharp sent repair out to fix. Apparently, it is a problem with many of their LCD flat tvs.

How do you reset clean flashing light Sears ultrawash dishwasher model number 665.16032402?

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