How to Make an Itchy Sweater Not Itchy?

Answer On the outside, that sweater may look like the perfect thing to keep the cold weather at bay, but it may have a scratchy inside that will leave you regretting your decision. An itchy sweater can be... Read More »

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Does a Urine Infection make your vagina itchy?

Yes urine infection (UTI) makes your vestibule [Inner hole of Vagina] itchy. Its not normal i would say neither a symptom of HIV/AIDS.but in some cases you are not allowed to have sex with anyone h... Read More »

Why Does Grass Make People Itch?

When summer approaches, the world once again turns green. Trees sprout leaves, flowers bloom and grass grows plentiful. Children often enjoy playing and rolling around in grassy areas such as fores... Read More »

How much oxygen does grass make?

A 16.15 foot square patch of grass is able to create enough oxygen to support one person continuously. According to NASA, one person consumes 0.84 kg of oxygen each day. This means that one square ... Read More »

Hands and feet feel swollen A little itchy. And ankle area is itchy. Have rash and welts.?

Sounds like skin irritation. Those can develop anytime, even from products/substances you have always been in contact with....