Why does google suggest I ask why is there a dead pakistani on my couch?

Answer Probably because if this popular clip from LOST:…

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Is there a couch in between a loveseat and couch size?

A loveseat comfortably seats two people, and a couch seats three or more, but there are smaller sofas that fall in between these two sizes. Loveseats average about 56 to 60 inches wide, while full-... Read More »

Does your couch bleed when you pull the couch scab off?

No, usually I do for disturbing it. She can be vicious.ADD: Of course my couch scab is my ex-GF/now roommate. It is tougher for her to draw blood now that her hooks are out of my heart.

If there is truth in wine, what does that suggest for mescaline?

You are a Pakistani you need a child for adoption that child must be Pakistani?