Why does google suggest I ask why is there a dead pakistani on my couch?

Answer Probably because if this popular clip from LOST:…

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If we are here on Yahoo, why do some suggest others "google" something.?

because we are suggesting that you use the f-ing Google. not not yahoo search. not the default engine that came with your crappy dial up connection. But Google, the best, most intuitive se... Read More »

Can u suggest best search engines other than google?

Rank 1 - GOOGLERank 2 - BINGRank 3 - YAHOORank 3 - ALLTHEWEBRank 4 - ASKAnother different search engine- QUARKBASE>>>>try it out ! ! >>>>>>>>>>>

Can you guys suggest other search engines besides google,msn,aol,yahoo? - you've seen the commercials - you will make Bill Gates happy - you've been on the internet too long. Good luck and Happy Computing!

You are a Pakistani you need a child for adoption that child must be Pakistani?