Why does google have sesame street on it?

Answer its the 40th anniversary!! and in the future if you wanna know why they have a picture just put your mouse over it and a text will come up and tell you why its there

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Why is Google po rtraying the sesame street characters?

thet portrayed the charachters because it ws the fortyith aniversary of sesame street

Why is Google obsessed with Sesame Street?

Does 'Sesame Street' have a liberal slant?

Yes. You can hear him declare "Cookie!" (Cookie Monster's catchphrase) in "Hold On", from John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band; Ringo Starr followed suit, in his verse about Lennon in "Early 1970".

Why is everyday this week the anniversary of sesame street on Google?

Because its the 40th anniversary all this week, that's when it came out