I was suffering actute headache from childhood left portion of brain is suffering blood circulation problem?

Answer Episodes of one sided headache of long duration is likely to be due to migraine or its variants. Trigeminal neuralgia is usually limited to older age. Consult a Neurologist to diagnose your problem... Read More »

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Am suffering from severe back pain and back right bone having some swelling also suffering from past 10 month?

If you haven't been seen by your regular doctor, I suggest you go visit him. We're not and we don't know your health history.After 3 months of pain & suffering, my mom had shoulder & hip problem, ... Read More »

Why does suffering happend?

One of the main things that Buddha taught was that suffering happend because of craving. For example, I craved some cupcakes at the party but ate too many, then I felt sick - I sufferd. Another is,... Read More »

Does Hunting Count As Reducing Animal Suffering?

Personally, I do both. I hunt and buy meat from trusted 'free range/organic" suppliers. In my opinion, one is not better than the other but then again, I do not consider meat eating as cruel anyway... Read More »

Can Condo allow small pets but will not allow service dog above weight limit?

Technically, yes; practically, try to negotiate a compromise with the board. When you buy or move into a condominium as a tenant, best practices dictate that you read the governing documents to det... Read More »