Why does fungus grow on fruit?

Answer Yes and no. "Dishwasher safe" means something will not be melted by the heat of the dishwasher, which gets up to between 160 to 180 degrees F (71 to 82 degrees C). That's really hot. Most people l... Read More »

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Why does fungus grow on bread the fastest?

Most people have seen fungus or mold growing on bread when conditions are ripe for the spores to reproduce. Fungus flourishes so quickly on bread that growing it has become a popular science class ... Read More »

How Fast Does Fungus Grow on Bread?

Fungus is found and used in many aspects of nature. It is what helps recycle decaying or diseased organic material. Fungus in the form of mold can also cause serious health problems when ingested. ... Read More »

Why does fungus grow faster in the darkness?

Fungus grows faster in the darkness because fungus thrives in darkness, poor aeration and growing conditions which can do harm to the plant. Pathogens are organisms or viruses that possibly can cau... Read More »

Home Remedies to Stop Fungus on Fruit Trees?

When you plant a fruit tree, you might have to wait years for it to mature enough to start producing fruit. A fungal infection on the tree can destroy your harvest, making all that waiting for noth... Read More »