Why does frequent urination occur?

Answer Too many glasses of water, too much coffee, all that soda--it's no wonder there are so many trips to the bathroom. However, when those frequent bathroom trips continue after you have cut back on li... Read More »

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Does Herpes cause frequent urination?

Frequent urination is one of the symptoms of genital herpes. Herpes might also make it painful to urinate. Although herpes may cause frequent urination, it does not cause an increase in the amount ... Read More »

Does diovan cause frequent urination?

Diovan causes an increase in urine when an individual begins to take the drug. However, any unusual change in the amount of urine outside of this initial increase is a potentially serious side effe... Read More »

Does frequent urination possibly mean you're pregnant?

Answerthe urge to pass urine eoften is a common sign of pregnancy and if you think that you may be then you should do a home test if that is negative then you should go a speak to your doctor, Ans... Read More »

What does frequent urination in pregnancy feel like?