Why does fountain soda taste better than canned or bottled soda?

Answer What you are stating as fact, is actually only your own opinion.Fountain drinks can be worse if the machines are not kept calibrated.I like an ice cold pop poured over ice just as much, or even str... Read More »

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Does soda taste better in the can or bottle ?

A nice cold bottle always hit the spot. same for beer...

Does soda taste better in a can or a bottle whats your opinion?

Can people taste the differents between diet soda and regular soda?

I can tell the difference between regular and diet soda by both taste and smell. I can't stand diet - it tastes phony and has too many chemicals in it, plus I am allergic to artificial sweeteners ... Read More »

Does bottled water taste better than tap water?

seriously yes in my case, honestly my water even my shower smells like pot, I'm not kidding, it's really weird, so in my case yes!