How to End Dog Flatulence?

Answer If your dog suffers from frequent flatulence, or "farting," it probably effects everybody in your household. Certain breeds, like the bulldog and the boxer, are more prone to this problem than othe... Read More »

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Flatulence in Kittens?

In general, if your kitten is fouling your house with flatulence, it's probably nothing to be too concerned about, but there are conditions that are more serious, which pet owners should be aware o... Read More »

How to Suppress Flatulence?

Gas is building up in your stomach, the pressure in your lower back is excruciating, and the sounds in your intestines are loud enough that you are sure that everyone can hear it! Normal gas produc... Read More »

Food & Flatulence?

Flatulence can be an embarrassing occurrence that can be avoided by watching what you eat. Gas is frequently caused by food. The two have been linked together since the dawn of modern medicine. Man... Read More »

How to Prevent Flatulence?

Flatulating, commonly known as farting or breaking wind or letting gas, is a function of the human digestive system. Preventing such gaseous build up in your system is not a laughing matter. Here a... Read More »