Why does flat screen tv only show image on half screen?

Answer Look for a button on the remote labeled FORMAT or ASPECT and push it a few times and watch the picture size change. PS this might not work on some channels but it is not the TV's fault.

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What can I use to clean a flat screen television & flat screen computer monitor?

microfiber cloth....get it moist and wipe the screen.

My 72" projection tv is now showing a double image on half the screen, should I open it and try to fix it?

Definitely not. Call their support line. If you open it yourself, you may not have a warranty on it anymore.

Emerson slide show red screen then green screen then blue screen how can i fix this?

It is in a test/service mode. You need to read the manual, or find a service manual to exit that mode.

If a flat LCD tv screen is fixed on the wall, jus tbelow the blower unit of split AC, will it affect TV screen?

Probably not. That being said, there's one sure fire way to find out.... Try it and see.