How to Make Fiber Art?

Answer Fiber art is creative expression through the medium of natural fibrous materials. "Fiber art may be constructed by methods traditionally associated with textile fibers such as stitching, weaving, d... Read More »

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Are there pills to make you fart?

Most people don't know about this but "sun-chokes", sometimes called "Jerusalem artichokes" will do it for you. And you won't poop but your belly will be bloated with gas.Just boil them for a few m... Read More »

Do beans really make you fart!!!?

Howdy,Yes, beans do give people gas. I answered this question last year for Ask Yahoo! and found that "beans contain sugars the human body simply cannot digest." These sugars are called oligosacch... Read More »

How to Make a Duck Fart?

The Duck Fart is a fun drink that combines three different liqueurs in an aesthetically pleasing layered shot.

How to Make Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber is a material that is growing in popularity due to its sturdiness yet relatively light weight. Carbon fiber is being used more and more frequently in the creation of bicycles, airplane... Read More »