Why does famous kid brick not have a wikipedia about him?

Answer Who?Probably because he's some nobody that isn't important/popular enough get a Wikipedia page made about him.

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How famous does a person have to be to get a wikipedia page?

Specifically, they have to be famous enough to have multiple reliable sources make non-trivial mentions about them (and not merely about their participation in an event).To oversimplify it: being i... Read More »

How can I add information on Wikipedia about someone as famous not as user!?

Oh, Wikipedia has notability guidelines that prevent you from writing an article about your next door neighbor (unless he/she's famous) because they don't want stub (short and abandoned) articles a... Read More »

Is it weird to write a wikipedia artical about yourself when you're not famous or anything?

Yes it's weird. Wikipedia doesn't like it. They aren't a blog.Read their take:…"Self-created articles are often listed on articles for deletion. Deletion... Read More »

Does Wikipedia have a policy about "How-to Illegal Acts"?

No. Such a policy would go against the principles of the free exchange of information. Sites like Wikipedia absolve themselves of any liability with a simple disclaimer that essentially says they... Read More »