Why does facebook now say "via facebook mobile" instead of "via iPhone" Just noticed that it changed today...?

Answer ive been changed to via facebook mobile since last week when this news came's why (read it):

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Why does it say via mobile instead of via iphone on facebook and how do i get via iphone back?

I want to know one answer.I am having facebook in my Samsung galaxy y. Today (wants to connect on facebook )?

you might sync your account go to settings->accunts and sync->click on your fb account and remove the account from synconisationalso disable auto syncnext time when you login dont sync

View facebook full site not mobile version on my iPhone!!!!!?

should be a link at the bottom of the page saying, full site if not it will say Touch site click it and scroll to bottom again it will say view full site...

I need to get my facebook messages to my mobile with out using a facebook software?

Hi,my may use your yahoo and google accounts instead!Also please becareful of unknown fraudulent trap fakebooks!!!?Real facebook!?