Why does facebook messaging do this?

Answer Glitches or a trip in the space continuum

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Does facebook really charge for messaging non-friends?

HELP!! a guy in my class wont stop messaging me on Facebook!?

Based on what you wrote, its obvious that he has a crush on you. That was probably the reason why he used to pick on you before. You can always ask him to stop sending you messages, and if that doe... Read More »

How to Upload Status for Facebook From Text Messaging?

Facebook lets you send text messages to your account from a mobile device. Before the text message feature, you had to log in to Facebook through a computer and type your update into a text box. Ma... Read More »

Messaging a girl on Facebook first time Girls only?

Then just message her. Whip. The worst that could happen is you end back to where you're at now. Not talking to her. Have respect and use tact.