Why does everything i edit/add on wikipedia vanish after 24 hours?

Answer It sounds like you are attempting to edit an article that is "WP:OWNed" by a particular editor or group of editors. Such editors are often, but not always, part of a subject-specific cabal called ... Read More »

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Why does wikipedia have an artical on EVERYTHING you can imagine?

Pros and cons!Pro: Wikipedia is open to everybody that wants to contribute.Cons: It´s hard to assure the utter truthfulness of what it is written.

Do you ever get lost on Wikipedia for hours and hours on end?

No. The longest time I've ever spent on Wikipedia has been to try to track down who put in a given falsehood. The task is rather tiresome, and sometimes your efforts are only rewarded with a crypti... Read More »

Does it annoy you when people put LOL after everything they say?

Yes it bloody does, I HATE text speak: lol, lmao etc etc it bugs the hell out of me. What's wrong with putting hahaha, it's a far better representation of a laugh???

EVERYTHING on Wikipedia?

That would be a daunting task indeed, but as suggested, consulting Wikipedia, and participating in editing, are good starting points.Wikipedia has revolutionary significance, being the creation of ... Read More »