Why does everything i edit/add on wikipedia vanish after 24 hours?

Answer It sounds like you are attempting to edit an article that is "WP:OWNed" by a particular editor or group of editors. Such editors are often, but not always, part of a subject-specific cabal called ... Read More »

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Do you ever get lost on Wikipedia for hours and hours on end?

No. The longest time I've ever spent on Wikipedia has been to try to track down who put in a given falsehood. The task is rather tiresome, and sometimes your efforts are only rewarded with a crypti... Read More »

Wikipedia To Black Out For 24 Hours?

Just give me a call, sugar. I'll give you all the inaccurate information you may need! lol.

How to search Wikipedia for the next 24 hours?

Hit the ESC key before the blackout banner comes up.I've certainly been enjoying all these Wikipedia jokes! [Citation needed]

What is SOPA and why wikipedia will shut down for few hours?

SOPA = Stop Online Piracy Act.If it passes that means many websites will be closed down, no more torrents, no more stuff on YouTube and lots more.It will make internet users pretty upset.SOPA can o... Read More »