Why does everyone say that Wikipedia is all garbage It has real facts...?

Answer People (usually journalists who obviously don't know what they are talking about) compare it to an imaginary perfect source of information written by omniscient gods. Those people seem to forget th... Read More »

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Why does everyone think that wikipedia lies?

because several articles on wikipedia has been edited by unreliable sources.

Why does everyone ask questions that can be answered through wikipedia?

Anyone can post information or articles on wikipedia whether they really are an expert in a field or just know a little bit about a subject. That doesn't say a lot about credibility especially whe... Read More »

Why does Wikipedia helps the fiction that the WWE is real?

It's an illusion, just like a movie, a soap opera or a comic broadway play. People don't think those are real, either. Everybody knows it's not real, but the illusion is fun.One of the problems w... Read More »

Does everyone go to Wikipedia for answers?

most ppl do go to wikipedia for answers for facts, biographies and such, however some sites like yahoo answers and answer,com are sites that allow u to post their questions and find answers for that.