Why does everyone say Wikipedia isn't a good source Info Inside.?

Answer For the most part I do agree. -I have never seen anything grossly incorrect or blatantly attempting to ruin the information provided. Similarly, I too have seen information corrected or updated in ... Read More »

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WIKIPEDIA ! is it a good info source?

Overall, I think it is a good source of information. I like that they have info on pretty much anything and everything and that the info is updated as current events progress. In most of the articl... Read More »

Is wikipedia really a bad source of info?

No, in my opinion, it isn't a bad source of information usually, because it does have most of the right information and many people do put the right info, but there are a few that always have to pu... Read More »

How reliable is Wikipedia as a source of info?

i find the entire Wiki series to be very reliable.

Is Wikipedia a good source?

If everything you've ever read on Wikipedia is true, you have either not read much, or you are very gullible and simply believe that everything you read is true (even though it may not be).Take som... Read More »