Why does everyone hate anchovies on pizza?

Answer I like them also, and I have been told they are salty, but I have never noticed.Dune

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Why does everyone hate 4X4?

Ok prove it. Thought not, nothin but MOOT (look it up)

Why does everyone hate marijuana?

Hey hey hey! Marijuana is supposed to be used in medical purposes, but dumb people use it as drugs and hey! the fact that it is addictive, is true! and using it without a valid medical reason will ... Read More »

Why does everyone hate blondes?

i am naturally blonde, have been since i was born and i mean a platinum blonde so i get allot of hassle. this whole thing where blondes are dumb really gets to me because i am a straight A student ... Read More »

WHY does everyone hate braces?

I have the same problem as you. I have a terrible overbite and overjet plus a cross bite and a tiny open bite. My bottom teeth are terribly crooked. I'm going into high school and I just got my bra... Read More »