Why does everyone hate Wikipedia so much?

Answer Good for you. We love you too. You know a good thing when you see it. All the best, enjoy Wikipedia!

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Why does everyone hate cheerleaders so much?

It's because they are jealous plain and simple. no other reason..oh and because peppy can be a bit annoying especially if you are a negative person like me.... I was always jealous of their pep lolol

Why does everyone hate bees so much?

i agree-- i read that many bees are going away because of cellular phone waves... there are entire forests that depend on certain bees for their existence. there are trees in brazil that rely on be... Read More »

Why so much hate on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a battleground. All the pages saying "Wikipedia is not a battleground" won't change that basic fact of its nature.There is hatred on a battleground. How do you motivate an American sol... Read More »

Why does everyone hate 4X4?

Ok prove it. Thought not, nothin but MOOT (look it up)