Why does everyone criticise or make fun of wikipedia?

Answer "Anyone can edit" is a double edged sword.Experts can put in the right information on their topic,but...pranksters can put in false information for their own amusement.To make matters worse, there ... Read More »

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How to Criticise?

Criticism is sometimes necessary, although no one enjoys being criticized. Criticism can be destructive as well as constructive. The effective leader must understand the difference between the two,... Read More »

Do fat people have a right to criticise the eating habits of others?

its pretty rude i think, especially if you're not real close to the person.i get disgusted watching fat people eat. it reminds me of someone with lung cancer puffing down a marlboro. fat people als... Read More »

Why do meat eaters feel the need to criticise and mock vegetarians?

I don't think that all meat eaters feel the need to criticise... But of those that do I have found that they generally fall into two camps.1. Ignorance:I tend to think of these people as little she... Read More »

Did general petreus criticise us foreign policy regarding israel?