Why does everyone ask questions that can be answered through wikipedia?

Answer Anyone can post information or articles on wikipedia whether they really are an expert in a field or just know a little bit about a subject. That doesn't say a lot about credibility especially whe... Read More »

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This is not a question it's a thank you note for everyone that answered my questions about piercings.?

Why Do People Ask Questions That Can Be Easily Looked Up Or Answered By Wikipedia?

I don't think the laziness thing is a factor because it takes longer to ask a question and wait for answers than just typing it in to wikipedia. I bet the people who ask also do not have firefox be... Read More »

Why do people ask questions on Answers that be be answered easily and better in Wikipedia?

A better range of thoughts from different people from around the world they may not be after the RIGHT answer just what others think the answer maybe , that is the point on here isn't it?

Why do people ask questions here that can be answered on good sites online like wikipedia or likewise?