Why does everybody say its friday when i have proof it is tuesday?

Answer It sounds like a "reliable source", and therefore your information is appropriate for Wikipedia (the subject of this Yahoo! Answers category). You should edit Wikipedia to reflect your small piece... Read More »

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So I Sprang My Ankle Friday Night & got it wrapped around 11, Would it be healed by Tuesday?

Oh yeah. I got a horribly sprained ankle a month ago on a Monday night and I was limping aroud Wednesday doing work, and my limp was nearly gone on Thursday, and I was working on it sooner than I s... Read More »

In what episode of everybody loves Raymond does Deborah cook an Italian dish that everybody loves?

The episode is called "Debra Makes Something Good". It is episode #91, and is the 18th episode of season 4.

Does Debra Barone from Everybody loves Raymond have a job?

She was a stay at home mom pretty much for the duration of the series, except for in episode 69 she got a job but she then quit because she couldn't handle the pressure of working again.

Does tyler James Williams from everybody Hayes chris have a brother?