Why does every calculator and mobile have a dot at button "5" ?

Answer so you can feel center of phone, and know where the 5 is in dark lighting or if you are blind.

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How to Use the Log Button on a Calculator?

The log button is a button found on scientific and graphing calculators. Log is short for "logarithm." On calculators, the log button finds the base 10 logarithm of any given number. This means you... Read More »

What does GT button in D-20L CASIO calculator do?

This is a 'Grand Total' key. I found the following on the Casio website under General Calculator FAQ:"Whenever the '=' Key has been pressed, the result will be stored into the Grand Total Memory. T... Read More »

How to Use the Percentage Button on a Calculator?

You can use the percentage button on a calculator to solve a wide variety of percentage-type problems, including determining a tip at a restaurant, grades in school and taxes on merchandise that yo... Read More »

How can we switch off casio calculator if we dont hv OFF button?

It's solar powered. It will shut off automatically - or you can place a paper over it to block the light and it will shut off.