Why does even clock on display shows 10:10 time?

Answer The moment you see a watch, you always see the time and get distracted by the time. So the watch-makers had difficulty to make consumers see the brand, the watch, and appreciate the watch without g... Read More »

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How do I synchronize a computer clock so that TV shows record on time?

Finding TimeOpen your web browser and navigate to Click on your time zone and the browser will display your local time.Accessing the Computer ClockClick on the "Start" button, sele... Read More »

How to Set the Clock Time for an SY703 Nissan Radio/Clock?

Nissan designs and manufactures a line of motor vehicles ranging between sports cars, sedans, sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks. Nissan vehicles are equipped with stereo systems, and dependi... Read More »

3 o'clock in the afternoon is on what time on a 24 hour clock?

On a twenty-four hour clock, 3:00 pm is 15:00. Just don't say "15:00 PM" or "15:00 in the afternoon." It's just "15:00."

HOW to set sony walkman clock display?

Ha I just bought one too! U go to settings,then common settings, then go to set date time.