Why does emotional pain hurt more than psychical?

Answer I don't know, I know when your in emotional pain it feels like someone then torn you heart out from the inside out. That something that hurts like hell even though I have never been there LOL. I do... Read More »

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Does waxing hurt more than getting your ears pierced?

I have 2 piercings in my ear and it does not hurt at all like waxing, and girl I do them both !

Why does a paper cut seem to hurt more than other comparable minor injuries?

The fingers have many pain receptors in them, paper cuts do not bleed much so the exposure to the air irritates them more. There is also fibres in paper and possibly bleach as well, so this will ir... Read More »

Does getting your bra strap snap hurt more than getin kicked in the balls?

Clearly, it's the balls!! They are considered the weakest part on the human body and as I was taught in my self defense class, one of the best targets for the female sex to disable and escape a mal... Read More »

Why does arthritis hurt so much more when the weather is cool and wet Other than moving to Arizona, what can?

There appears to be a connection between barometric [pressure] changes and arthritis flareups. The theory goes likes this:"A drop in air pressure (which often accompanies cold, rainy weather) allo... Read More »