Why does emotional pain hurt more than psychical?

Answer I don't know, I know when your in emotional pain it feels like someone then torn you heart out from the inside out. That something that hurts like hell even though I have never been there LOL. I do... Read More »

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Which is worse, physical pain or emotional pain Why?

Emotional pain is worse, except in extreme conditions. Most physical pain is curable or can be made bearable. Emotional pain is of indeterminable duration and there are no pills for it.

How can I get rid of this emotional and physical pain?

I'm pretty sure this is love. I suggest you start by cutting all ties from this guy. if you want to feel better you have to start by taking out the negative and put in the positive (It sounds chees... Read More »

How to Cope With Emotional Pain?

Life, while mostly enjoyable, does have its ups and downs. The sun shines on the evil and the good. Pain is an inevitable part of life. Never think that you've been singled out for pain. We all see... Read More »

I have been in pain for so long, my legs and arms hurt so badly to the point the pain wakes me up.?

sound like as if your calcium may be a bit low try drinking milk and eating things like potatoes and bananas full of potassium