Why does eating a protein meal late at night prevent morning sickness?

Answer Although there are other factors involved (like fluctuating hormone levels and some people believe a built-in method to protect from fetal-injuring microbes in foods that are common in foodborne il... Read More »

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Why was the morning sickness drug given in the late 1970's discontinued?

You can not stop it using pills. You have to do abortion.

Foods That Prevent Morning Sickness?

During the first trimester of pregnancy, the nausea called morning sickness may be a challenge for some expectant mothers. Watching what you eat and when you eat it helps alleviate the morning sick... Read More »

How do you prevent morning sickness if YOUR pregnant?

There really isn't a way to prevent it. Some women will never experience it, and most women that do experience it only do so up to their twelfth week. There are ways to help alleviate the symptoms.... Read More »

Is Eating late at night while pregnant ok?

sure you can eat throughout the day just make sure its nothing that will upset your stomach