Does warm chocolate milk make you sleepy?

Answer I go to sleep faster with hot chocolate so if that works im sure your plan will work

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Does drinking warm milk help you sleep faster?

On One Hand: Studies Have Not Proven EffectivenessAccording to the Mayo Clinic, no specific food has proven to be effective in helping people fall asleep faster. Although milk contains tryptophan, ... Read More »

Any suggestions for non-medicinal ways to fall asleep better (ive heard of warm milk, but drinking it sucks!)?

I so understand where you are coming from. I find it terribly hard to sleep. Ive been prescribed medications and all they have done for me is make me grumpy and irritable and given me headaches. I ... Read More »

What is the best way to make yourself sleepy if you cannot fall asleep at night?

I turn the radio on low it always sends me to sleep.Good Luck

What are some drinks thatll help make you tired Warm milk, etc. ?

Warm milk with nutmeg. Don't ask my why, but it works. The only thing I can think of is the lactose that swings the blood sugar ever slow slightly.