Why does drinking alcohol always make me feel exhausted?

Answer It used to drive me nuts! Let me guess you got off work and had just one while relaxing only to realize you wanted a nap. Alcohol does the same thing to me unless I am up and doing stuff. I can dri... Read More »

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Hi All;) .. Does drinking alcohol make you tell the truth;)?

Alcohol, in and of itself, is not a truth serum. However, its effects really well mimic that solution. Alcohol impairs general neural function. You slow down and become disoriented. Alcohol also im... Read More »

How does alcohol make you feel?

Warm, fuzzy sometimes nauseous. Uninhibited, sad, happy, fun, anxious. Different people feel different ways when they drink. For sure, for everyone, you are unable to control motor skills normally.... Read More »

Why does alcohol make me hyperactive and talkative days after drinking?

I'm pretty sure it's just the excitement from the night before. The same as happened to me(not for 3-4 days though)

Why does using Facebook always make me feel a little vulnerable?

I know what you mean. Sometimes I stop and think, gosh, anyone could read what I write on here, put the clues together and easily find out personal details. It's scary to think that there are thes... Read More »