Why does dishwasher leak from bottom?

Answer Gravity. The circulator pump is at the bottom as is the drain pipe and drain pump. All seals are likely to fail but the most common is the seal on the circulation pump shaft. There is often a paddl... Read More »

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Why does washing machine leak from the bottom?

The most likely cause of a washing machine leak is a small hole in the rubber door seal which can be easily replaced.As a temporary measure the seal can be loosened and twisted 180degrees until the... Read More »

How do you get rid of mildew from the bottom of a dishwasher?

I would think no, but you could always try searching or asking at an online plumbing company.

Why does water pool up and leak out of the bottom of your fridge and how can you fix it?

There is a drain point at the back of your fridge at the bottom. This is probably clogged. Remove the gunk out of it, and it should be as good as new.Helen

Why does water stay in the bottom of a GE dishwasher?