Why does dishwasher detergant water and vinegar form a mini tornado?

Answer So the deaf have something to complain about too.

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Do I need to replace old faucet for new portable dishwasher new portable dishwasher when connected to old faucet sprays water and packing material form bottom of spout how to fix?

If you have loud noises in your pipes when the dishwasher is run and then you find the dishwasher didn't empty the soap or run water do you have a plumbing problem or a problem with the dishwasher?

Answer The problem is the solinoid valve in the dishwasherPay your water bill

How do you clean a dishwasher with vinegar?

AnswerInstead of putting your dishwashing detergent in just put the vinegar in and let it go full cycle. I use "Simple Green" but don't know if you can get that in the U.S. Go to your local grocery... Read More »

How much vinegar should you use in your dishwasher to clean it?

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