Why does dick live with Batman?

Answer dicks parents were killed by sabotage in their circus act. Bruce took him in as a foster son. that is true but if you wanna know the whole story, look up "why is batmans sidekick called robin"

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Should Batman fans acknowledge Batman Forever and Batman and Robin?

Haha! I thought I was the only one that doesn't acknowledge them.I mean I have to because they're there but I don't acknowledge them as real Batman movies.They're terrible and it's just hard to wat... Read More »

After Dick York's illness he was replaced on Bewitched by Dick Sargent What role did they both play?

Darrin StephensABC aired episodes with limited screen time from Dick York, during the summer of 1969. When the new episodes with Dick Sargent began to air, some viewers didn't notice the change at ... Read More »

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