Why does diabetes cause nerve damage?

Answer Diabetes affects not only blood sugar, but also the nerves in the body. If diabetes becomes severe or advanced enough, it can cause neuropathy or nerve damage, also known as diabetic neuropathy. Ke... Read More »

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I hear repetitive hand motions can cause nerve damage. How else should I communicate with other motorists?

Really, you should keep both hands on the wheel.Some things just shouldn't be done in public.A time and place for everything, yes?

Possible nerve damage?

She needs to go to the Emergency room to fix this. This might not heal completely, but you need to take her as quickly as possible. Yes, there might be possible nerve damage from such an injury.

What can damage the sciatic nerve?

The sciatic nerve runs from the pelvic area through the buttocks and down to the foot. It's the longest nerve in the body and helps make movement and feeling possible in the thigh, knee, foot and a... Read More »

Do I have nerve damage or an abscess?

You can use research to help support your answer.