Why does crying cause headaches?

Answer A lot of it has to do with stress, and the fact that when you cry, you don't take in as much oxygen as you would with normally breathing. Your muscles tense and your face clenches. All of this will... Read More »

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Does crying cause acne?

No, I don't think that crying causes acne, but I do know that the oil and bacteria on your hands can, so I suppose if you wipe your eyes with your hands, that could spread/cause acne.

Does Crying Cause Swollen Eyelids?

On One Hand: Many aspects of crying cause eyelid swellingWhenever you cry, it increases the blood flow to your eyes. The thinness of the skin of your eyelids becomes swollen because of increased bl... Read More »

Does dehydration cause headaches?

Causes and Symptoms of DehydrationRecognizing dehydration symptoms starts with an understanding of dehydration. Victims of dehydration do not have enough fluid (water) in their bodies to get nutrit... Read More »

Why does tiredness cause headaches?

Your brain needs to rest not enough sleep can cause headaches and could make you pass out