Why does cranberry juice not mix with blood thinners?

Answer It makes the dosage of medication stay in your blood longer, so when you take the next dose you have some already in your system and now you have too much. Basically it messes up the planned serum ... Read More »

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Does cran-apple or cran-grape juice help with vaginal odors Or does just Cranberry juice work?

do NOT insert acidic juices into your vagina. please. you will get a yeast infection.if you do not smoke or drink alcohol or eat much red meat, and your diet is primarily consisting of vegetables a... Read More »

Does cranberry sauce have the same effect as cranberry juice on the urinary tract?

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I am peeing blood, it hurts too.. i just wondering if i drink cranberry juice if it well clear the infection.?

Go to doctor if u have blood in urine ..I have a congential kidney condition and I know from experience that you dont want to delay