When will Country Music Television 'pure country' be added to DirecTV?

Answer Contact your nearest Direct TV agent with your question.

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Im looking for a good country song about family Im making a music video type thing for my mothers birthday and she likes country Any idea's for songs?

Your gonna miss this by trace adkins Voices by Chris Young

How conme Direct TV dumped XM from it's line up The new music channels suck We want coffee house back?

Short answer, yes. It needs to be installed with a clear view of the southern sky. If you're in a complex without a clear view or just can't install it on the roof, your only non-dish option is cab... Read More »

Country Music's Influences on Foreign Music?

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Is gospel music older than country music?

Yes. Gospel music was first notably established in 1899, while country was first notably established in the 1920s. Many historians actually credit gospel music as a major influence on country music... Read More »